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Proactive, Preemptive Parenting

April 15, 2020

Endurance Parenting Tip: Want time to relax with your doggies instead of bickering with your teens? Establish rules and guidelines with your teens about technology, ahead of time, in a mutually respectful manner. Invite them into a conversation on a quiet Sunday afternoon about managing screen time rules for the coming week—rather than barking at them in the heat of the moment, when you walk by their room and notice it’s four hours later and they’re still playing video games with their friends. Only aggravated, disrespectful words will leave your mouth at that moment. Set up a structured schedule ahead of time, after asking your teen: “What do you think is a reasonable amount of time for you to be on your screen (phone, IPad, XBox, etc) ? Let them talk first. They might surprise you. If not, then begin a calm discussion that addresses your concerns while also respecting their dire need for connectivity with peers. Be proactive and preemptive in your parenting, and watch the tension in your family begin to subside