Miami Office Opening in Mid-April 2024. All Current Sessions Offered on Zoom.

Individual Sessions

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Individual Sessions

During an individual session, Cristina and her client discuss relationship concerns, parenting dilemmas, communication troubles, work concerns, how to be true to oneself, and a variety of other issues. These are solution-focused, one-hour blocks that provide clients with relief and clarity. Every session includes follow-up notes emailed from Cristina to keep both parties focused on the important work that happens between sessions.

The 30-minute phone session is meant for clients who seek a quick check-in, reframe, or opinion. Sometimes this is all a client needs: validation, a different perspective, or a way to get unstuck.

Cristina’s Miami office is scheduled to open mid-March, 2024! Stay tuned for more details on her hybrid practice that will allow local clients to meet in-person while she maintains her virtual sessions, as well.


All sessions are a full 60 minutes and include a follow-up email summarizing the session to keep both the client and Cristina on-track between sessions. Once Cristina receives both the Client Intake Form and your payment, she will contact you regarding scheduling session(s).

30-Minute Phone Session: $160

One 60-Minute Zoom or Phone or
In-Person Session: $325

Package of 3 Zoom Sessions: $975

Package of 10 Zoom Sessions: $3,250

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"The single best decision I've made as a parent is to work with Cristina. I have had the distinct honor of participating in multiple parenting groups with Cristina over the last several years, and her insights continue to help me be a more thoughtful parent and form even more meaningful relationships with my children as they grow. She is incredibly well-researched, and has decades of experience both in schools, in private practice, and obviously in her own family, which all lend to her well-rounded, calm, and rational advice."

Hillary Carter
(Greenwich, CT)

Cristina Young should be the marking stick for a great therapist. Her reputation is impeccable and word of mouth praise from long time clients speaks volumes about her effectiveness as a therapist. She is a compassionate listener and quick study. With her years of training and experience working with families, she can quickly help patients identify issues and, most importantly, collaborate with them on action steps they can take to address the issues. She’s solution driven and not in an overwhelming way. Step by step. Incrementally. Just what you can handle at that moment. Cristina is different from many therapists in that she draws from her own life to give examples. She is a great model of how it is to live with authenticity and vulnerability so one can be more joyful and free.

Callie Dunn
(Greenwich, CT)

“The group sessions with Cristina Young have been extremely helpful in giving me the tools to become a more mindful and effective parent. Cristina provides scripts that can be used in real time and actually work with the kids. She has provided me with the tools to help motivate my children to reach their full potential.”

Stephanie M.
(Miami Beach )

“What I love most about Cristina is her relaxed demeanor and her sensible approach to parenting. She leaves you with a very usable library of tools to use in times of parenting distress. The reason I highly recommend working with Cristina is that you will gain a new perspective about yourself, your spouse and your children that will allow you to parent in a more positive, productive way.”

Emily C.
(Miami Beach)

“Cristina is very professional and approachable. From the moment I arrived, her group felt different. I have always wanted a mantra, and Cristina had suggested: "This is not an emergency" and honestly since hearing this, it has helped me so much in just staying calm. I would highly recommend Cristina’s group to anyone wanting to better themselves. I looked so forward to that 1.5 hours each week, and walked away feeling so clear in my thoughts. ”

Shana R.

“Cristina was professional and empathetic and helped us so much in our parenting journey. I highly recommend her!”

Maxine E.

“Cristina has been such a helpful resource for me as I parent kids through the loss of their mom. She has provided me support and wise guidance that has made me a better parent to my boys during a period of intense need. I would recommend her with absolutely zero reservations. She not only helps me emotionally, but also gives me practical advice that I can actually implement. She has made a huge difference in my life and in that of my boys. “

Ken S.
(Westport, CT)

"I am so grateful to have had Cristina's guidance in this crazy journey of parenting. Cristina's impact on me as a mom has been invaluable. Through individual sessions and mom's groups, she changed how I approach my children, and has given me great insight on why and how to improve my self-care - for the benefit of me, my marriage and my family. Cristina never minces words, she listens hard and gives thoughtful, actionable, wise advice for every situation."

Kelsey M.
(Riverside, CT)

“Cristina has given me great tools that have helped me become a calmer leader within my family. She's guided me through thorny situations, helping me to help my kids when they need it most. I am forever in her debt.”

Bridie L.
(Riverside, CT)

“I'm so grateful for Cristina! Through her group sessions, I feel better equipped to deal with the everyday challenges of parenting. Her scripts, background information, and actionable tips are tools that I've been able to use immediately... with results. Cristina is an expert in her field and highly skilled in running groups -- I cannot recommend CMY enough!”

Heeyoon S.
(Riverside, CT)