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Documenting the Good Stuff

April 5, 2020

Endurance Parenting Tip: Are you documenting enough of what’s going on around you right now during this strange time? I have a feeling that we think we will remember the precious insights about each child or the observations about our partner’s quiet strength, but will we? When the chaos of re-entry hits, which aspects of this frozen period of time will we actually remember vividly? Most parents I’ve spoken to have shared stories of having witnessed little seeds of resilience in their kids that they hadn’t witnessed before, or new coping skills that seemed to kick in at the right moment, or even words of gratitude that lifted the deflated adults in the room. Are you jotting these little gems down in a journal or on a Google Doc somewhere? Please do. They are precious and uplifting. And let’s hope we’re not in this situation to make these observations anytime again soon.